Market research

at your fingertips

Always on System

Refine your decision on-the-go

Smart Interactive Tribes

Stay Always CONNECTED with consumers. Pop-up Communities, Interest communities, Insights communities and more.


Live CONVERSATIONS. Anytime Anywhere. Share Aha! Moments with your team instantly. Build the EDGE.


Ask MORE, Know MORE,  as you discover your consumers. Polls. Activity Based methods. Results in hours.

Learning Libraries

Connected, Multi-source data that informs More. Integrate in-market data with every research to identify Success levers.

Future of Market Research

Imagine, 30 Mins to Launch. 24 hours to results. Conversational surveys. In-the moment surveys. Emotions decoded.

New Age Survey
We have Reimagined Surveys as conversations. Consumers simply love it. Richer Data, sharper Insights. This is the Future.
Currently LIVE in India, Bangladesh and USA.
Sprint Video Conversations
Connect with consumer stories. Anytime. Anywhere.
Interactive Communities

Longitudinal data made possible

Stay Always On. Listen or Ask Anything. Polls. Unstructured Rich Data.

community can do a market scan, try out your new launches

DO MORE. Co-create through Activity based feedbacks.

want quick view? ASK a community.

Stay ahead

Longitudinal data & always on.
Our Clients
Expanding perspectives, through knowledge networks.
Automation with Human Touch.

What can you expect

Are you ready to be part of the revolution? Direct connection with consumers. Automation for efficiency to amplify the human thinking engine. Embedding Tech at every stage to do MORE, AI/ ML for scenario building, tools to decode emotions, Meta learnings, in-market data integration. COLLABORATE to build this together.

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